Phone and Data Related Services

Data Connection Points

We can add as many Data Connection Points as you would like in any room!

Power Points

Need your phone point installed or relocated to a different location in your home or office? We can do that for you.

Testing of Data Points

We use test equipment to make sure your computers and internet are working up to speed.

Phone not working?

We do phone repairs every week for people who are unable to make calls. Telstra will test your phone wires are connected to your house from the street and we can test to make sure your home or office has no faults in the wiring.

Fire Alarm Installation

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Im building a new house, where do i need Data Points?
    • Behind each TV
    • One in the kitchen (optional)
    • One in each bedroom
    • One for each CCTV camera
    • All wiring back to a Data Hub or Study.


    Why is my phone making a horrible noise when I'm on a phone call?

    You have a faulty connection. It is a good idea to get Telstra to test their line to see if the fault is with them first.

    Is cable really better than wireless?

    No not really however cable is more reliable and can work further distance away from your wireless modem.